Who we are

Message from the CEO

When I was first introduced to opal in the mid 1960's, I fell in love immediately. I could not think of anything more beautiful in the world, than the most unique of gemstones, the Australian opal (I still feel the same way today).

I subsequently founded Opal House in 1969 which was initially a one man operation dealing mainly in loose opals. Through many years of hard work and dedication, Opal House successfully diversified into opal jewellery manufacturing some 25 years ago.

I am proud to say that we are now widely regarded as one of the leading global suppliers of opal jewellery, with exceptional workmanship, attractive prices, and the ability to service clients of varying scales and requirements.

My passion for opal is still as strong as ever and is shared by all of our team members; through the knowledge and experience we have learnt in the past 40 years, our aim is to help you sell and promote this truly amazing gemstone to different corners of the world.

On our website, you will find vast amount of information about our operation and how we can strengthen your existing opal business; If you do not currently deal with opal, please take some time to browse through our site and its image gallery, I hope that it will go some way to ignite your imagination and passion for this colourful gemstone, the way I was fascinated some 40 years ago!

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Cheng

Vision Statement

Our vision as a global leader in opal jewellery is one where Opal House continues to offer the finest range of opal jewellery. A future where quality, consistency and marketability are central to our operation.

We see the collaborated efforts with our ever-increasing number of business partners come to fruition when opal is re-established as a highly popular niche jewellery product globally.

The traditional opal markets are reinvigorated by the new generation's excitement for opal.

The Asian and Eastern European emerging market's fascination continues to grow and the popularity of opal expands.

We continue to embrace new technology to provide our clients with a quality of product and service second to none. Our highly trained team's in-depth knowledge of the industry and our clients needs, support our claim as the world's premier opal jewellery supplier and manufacturing house.

Brand Promise

Our "Brand Promise" reflects our fundamental belief in the capabilities of Opal House. We are realistic about our limited influence on the world outside of opal, and our promise is focused accordingly.

We make this promise to the world and to ourselves as a truthful depiction of the position Opal House occupies in the jewellery market globally -

"Only Opal House has the capability, expertise and service support to supply consistently high quality opal jewellery to the global jewellery market."

We take the magnitude of our promise very seriously and constantly adapt and develop our business model to remain in front.

Our promise is born from a passion for opal and our clients which makes us certain that year on year we will continue being industry leaders.


The fundamental nature of Opal House is our purpose, for our purpose is the vehicle to fulfil our brand promise and make our shared vision reality. Our purpose is the core value which we uphold in all facets of our business -

"To be the world's most comprehensive opal jewellery supplier"

Our business is accountable to this purpose and we work diligently to guarantee that the highest standards are applied absolutely.


Our memberships in world recognised trade and jewellery related associations makes Opal House a name clients can trust in the global jewellery market. Existing memberships include:

  • Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association (honorary life member)
  • Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association
  • Jewelers Board of Trade based in the USA we are listed members
  • Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
  • Chinese Manufacturer's Association of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Art Craft Merchants Association Ltd
  • International Colored Gemstone Association.