Opal is a unique gemstone in size, shape, and chemical properties, requiring highly specialised jewellery manufacturing techniques.

The manufacturing facilities of Opal House are located in the Shunde district of Guangdong Province, China. Our experienced craftsmen utilise opal specific techniques developed and honed by Opal House for more than 40 years. Enabling us to achieve and sustain the highest level of workmanship for our jewellery.

The intricacies of our expertise are often undetectable, as the setting of every opal, is finely tuned to maximise its visual appeal. Our methodology goes further to minimise damage and wastage of opal and other materials; these efficiencies can only be attained with years of experience. The aesthetic and financial benefits are inturn passed on to our clients through the superior quality of our jewellery.
Our manufacturing effort is split into two areas: The production line focused on fulfilment of substantial orders from our global clientele including a distinguished list of OEM and ODM partners; and a team who concentrate on maintaining our stock levels to maximize the choices for our clients throughout the year.

Common to both areas is the focus on R&D, constantly seeking improvement in our manufacturing methods and techniques, in line with our positioning as the global opal jewellery manufacturing leader. This has culminated in the rise of manufacturing efficiency, leading to lower prices and shorter manufacturing lead time, both critical in today's ultra competitive market place.