For over 25 years Opal House has been designing jewellery, we have seen fashions come, go, and some return. During this period we have accumulated a catalogue of over 6000 designs. Many of these only remain as a part of history in our design books but we are constantly designing for each season.

We cater for multiple geographical locations and cultural tastes to which we tailor specific jewellery ranges. We use our extensive experience in the market and keep up to date with trends in jewellery globally. We do not however neglect the fact that classic design and style is timeless.
Our client base stretches across the full spectrum of positions in the fine jewellery market space, from exclusive boutiques to large scale jewellery stores. This throws up numerous challenges due to the multitude of design and opal quality combinations needed to satisfy the end consumers tastes and budgets. For this reason we maintain a wide and diverse variety of jewellery appropriate to our client's needs and expectations.

At trade fairs throughout the year we produce special "show" pieces both to attract the attention of our potential customers and for our customers to attract the attention of theirs. These pieces are usually inspired by an opal of unique quality, a unique concept or a trend inspired design idea. Collaboration with free lance jewellery designers has also yielded some exciting results in recent times.